Eaux Nomades

10 September - 23 October 2021
Installation Views
Press release

Fabienne Levy Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Catherine Bolle’s new exhibition. Her work is discovered through the transparency of materials and imprints she leaves on them. Fluidity, movement, time and light are the elements that we perceive through her works as they become timeless.

In this new exhibition, Catherine Bolle adds a contemporary dimension. Water becomes a mirror to our society that can either be clear and calm, or opaque and chaotic. A quiet water pushes us to reflect on the meaning of life, whilst a raging water leaves us no choice. Eaux Nomades make their way and as we encounter them, many questions are asked and images arise.

A gallery is above all, a space that allows a singular presentation, where the status of the titles, as well as that of the works, plays with our memory. To each his own, either the one who knows the other works created to date or the one who knows the works of other artists, as a possible link, between the temporary absurdity, the laws of physics twisted by the creation of another meaning.

Miroirs, where does this water come from?

If Jeux Arctiques ou les échelles du temps déjouées is an allusion to icebergs, the crimson line, seems like a network of blood veins therefore insinuating the flow of life, frozen, and fresh, just like the feeling of the immediate living, without forgetting the risk and danger of ice drifts. The consequences of these changes are dramatic and inevitable.

The staircase leads us to a box, which is connected to the expedition, to the crossing, to the matter, which is on our journey. The hope of another life, the drama of contemporary migrations.

Further down, we find La Bibliothèque Aquatique, an impossible rescue of books that must cross. Cross time, to leave its traces. The library remains chained, therefore unable to leave.
What is the point of staying?

Les Alphabet-Alphabeth ou Soleil au Nord, are at the origin of a project which aimed to give back natural light in apartments located in the north. Through a game of mirrors and reflections, words and images are magically configured.

Lumen, between the pigment and the layers, spaces are drawn as many stained glass windows. Catherine Bolle’s works take us at the crossroads between matter and thought.