Cyphers & Cypresses

4 December 2019 - 18 January 2020
Installation Views
Press release

Fabienne Levy Gallery is pleased to announce the opening of Cyphers & Cypresses, Yuval Yairi’s first solo show in Switzerland.

The exhibition is composed by two chapters of the artists life featuring photography, drawings and an intervention on the walls.

A short film that illustrates the artist’s work process will be shown.

In the first chapter Yuval adopted the semi-fictional figure of the Surveyor. An alter-ego created to examine his surroundings, used for introspection and personal soul searching, as he tries to come to terms with certains episodes of his past.

With the help of the Surveyor he formulates a coded language with symbolic actions and objects. He expresses thoughts and feelings about these experiences, which he cannot share publicly.

In the second chapter, Yuval shifts away from the contemplation of his personal experience towards a broader examination reflecting many perspectives about the state and future of the Israeli space, in a political, and geographical context. He chooses the cypress tree as a measuring tool and a symbol of memory. A sensor that collects data about its environment.

Each of the artist’s works starts by capturing a moment of reality. Out of thousands of such photographs, he recomposes on a grid all the fragments of time in the virtual space of a computer. He strings together non-sequential times, events, and places into a timeless photograph.