Aurélien Martin Swiss, b. 1993


Today’s society creates new needs every day through objects and gadgets that visibly facilitate the existence, the uses and the relationships between individuals. Practicality, performance, comfort and well-being are the new concepts that predestine the world of today and tomorrow.

The sculptures are mostly inspired by mass-produced objects that surround daily life. They are made using traditional techniques that oscillate between enlightened DIY and handicraft. Trying to reject the signature of the author as far as possible, the objects produced remain nevertheless impregnated of affect and give off a certain hygienic preciosity. They evoke machines with undefined functions whose use remains cryptic. Perhaps tools for the near future?

Presented as a superlative essential, the exhibited objects play with themselves and try to make the visitors reconsider their uses.

 “ The real conflict of interest that exists between what I believe, what I would like to do, what I do and its impact is at the center of my work “

Installation shots