Ekene Emeka-Maduka Nigeria, b. 1996


Ekene Emeka-Maduka is an artist and storyteller based in Treaty 1, Territory 1 (Canada).

She enjoys playing chameleon in stories oen set in vaguely relatable backdrops that carefully defy reality. She achieves relatability in her work through semiotics from mundane moments with commonplace significance in her home country, Nigeria, juxtaposed against moments, events and motifs potentially recognizable and relatable globally.

Emeka-Maduka builds dramatic worlds that constantly question the version of reality we actively indulge. She continues to study the relationship between self-identification and communal identity.

The subjects of her work and their built universe are alive. Her subjects shed their skins through time, gradually becoming animated and birthing nuanced expressions, colours and feelings relevant to our ever-changing reality.

When Emeka-Maduka is not painting or performing, she enjoys hibernating in the winter. All year round, she enjoys the company of what she considers a good book, wine, movie, dish or friend.