27 September - 23 November 2019
Installation Views
Press release

Fabienne Levy is pleased to present Elevation, a solo show by Andrea Galvani that marks the gallery’s inauguration and the premier presentation of the international artist in Switzerland. Through a curated selection of photography, sculpture, video, neon, architectural installation, and live performance, this show will reveal the range of rigorous research, scientific methodology, and philosophical thought that underscore Galvani’s work.

Elevation articulates and defies gravity’s force. We experience its contours on mountain peaks and the smooth embrace of valleys. It is lightness, levitation, sublimation—the act of ascension, the weightlessness of spirit. Elevation by Andrea Galvani brings us to the edge of human knowledge, where the physical and metaphysical converge. At certain times during the show, the exhibition is activated by a series of performances, transforming the gallery into a vibrant space of endless flux.

Galvani’s immersive, interdisciplinary practice extends our perspective from individual to collective, personal to planetary and beyond—contextualizing human experience within geological time and cosmic change. Exploring relationships between fragility and monumentality, temporality and continuity, visibility and invisibility, he interrogates notions of space, time, and our human place in the Universe. His work opens doors to the infinite: we are no longer just spectators but actors in a living theater of experience.