Connecting art with people and their humanity.
Showing artists with inspiring works, that will raise questions about our society, our system, our time.
Art can enable changes.
I strongly believe that today we need to create awareness in order to make an impact.

Artists have a voice that needs to be heard.
Artists can bring us to think differently.


T: +41 (21) 711 4320

General enquiries,

Charles de Boccard, Director,


Fabienne Levy

Art lover, she studied Art History at NYU, worked at Christies before becoming a freelance art advisor.

Charles de Boccard

Gallery Director. Passionate about contemporary art, graduated from HEC Lausanne before working with auctions houses such as Paddle8 and Bonhams.



Fabienne Levy: A Conversation, ART VISTA, 2020

Invasion non agressive chez Fabienne Levy, 24 HEURES, 2020

Space Invasion à la Galerie Fabienne Lévy, ARTEEZ, 2020

Cesar Axel on “Space Invasion” at Fabienne Levy Art Gallery, O-LA, 2020

Les espaces artistiques sommés de montrer patte noire, 24 HEURES, 2020

A Artgenève, le sérieux a remplacé le côté bon enfant, TRIBUNE DE GENEVE, 2020

Pour les galeries, la foire Artgenève est incontournable, 24HEURES, 2020

Une vague de nouvelles galeries, LE QUOTIDIEN DE L’ART, 2020

Rencontre avec Fabienne Levy, ARTEEZ, 2020

Fabienne Levy energizes Lausanne art scene, ART-FOLIO BY MICHÈLE LAIRD, 2019

La galerie Fabienne Levy ouvre à Lausanne, LE QUOTIDIEN DE L’ART, 2019

Il y a beaucoup de curiosité à Lausanne, j’ai envie d’y répondre, 24 HEURES, 2019

Galerie Fabienne Levy, GO OUT !, 2019

Vaud fine art museum pulls into Lausanne train sation, ART-FOLIO by Michèle Laird, 2019

Lausanne’s long-awaited art museum opens in a train depot, SWISSINFO, 2019