March 20 – May 29 2021

Aurélien Martin

The North Face

Fabienne Levy is pleased to announce Aurélien Martin’s first solo exhibition in Lausanne.

The North Face, title of the show, exposes the hidden and imaginary side of objects that will slowly reveal themselves to visitors.

Aurélien Martin’s works are inspired by the frenetic consumption of our time. Following the trends, the objects we use every day quickly become obsolete and are rapidly replaced by new ones.

In the footsteps of Marcel Duchamp, Aurélien is interested in the aesthetics of everyday objects, omnipresent in our life. However, his intention is different. He creates sculptures with a multitude of materials and his obsession is to disguise the traces of the craftsman and the signature of the author. The artist starts a story and it’s up to us to complete it.

Untitled (Bag) has been created larger in reference to our era where everything is more massive. Stifled by a number of things that make up our lives, the work reminds us of the nautical world but also of hot air balloons and travel bags. It is a call to freedom.

Untitled (Hoses) is an unfolded work that seems to be waiting for a potential opening. The artist plays on the complicity of the elements as well as the relationship of the work with its support, the wall without which it cannot exist.

The pieces in the exhibition seem familiar to us; their shapes and materials resonate in our memory. Our reference system is called upon to identify them. They seem to be useful, but they are not. They are attractive because we think we know them, yet they keep surprising us.

These sculptures suddenly take another breath, the artist makes a magical and unique parenthesis.