Colours of My Dream


    Colours of my Dream opens a fascinating realm of narration and interpretations where art conveys powerful messages and is a decrypting bridge between our world and the unseen.

    It is a journey without barriers where five artists invite the audience to transcend the constraints of space, time and language. One of professor Djibril Samb’s finest studies, ‘’l’Interpretation des Rêves en Afrique Noire” (Prix Noma 1999), constitutes a major influence on the exhibition and is the starting point for the curatorial line. While Western interpretation of dreams often fall within the realm of the individual, Samb contends that dreams can hold other meanings that go beyond the personal experience.

    This exhibition is a metaphor for a different take on the common definition of «contemporary African art ». Its title ‘Colours of my Dream’s is a playful nod to Samb’s writings; to Joan Miro’s ‘This is the Color of My Dreams’(1925) a work in which the surrealist painter engages with words, colour and dream, and a subtle comment on the need for plural perspectives that expand our understanding of artistic practices by artists of African descent.

    The five artists showcased were chosen specifically for their talent, because they defy the general categorisation and engage in an plethora of styles, viewpoints and techniques. While they will be sharing a collective space, they each bring a unique approach to contemporary art. In fact, dreams become a gateway to escape the limiting confines of narrow perspectives. Each selected artist uses his or her own symbolic prism to interpret dreams in relation to a larger framework and a collective dimension.

    “The Dream is indispensable as a structuring element of the collective and individual imagination; it assures an indeterminate and uncontrollable freedom. The dream is by nature a refuge of liberty.” – Djibril Samb


*Born in 1951 in Senegal, Djibril Samb is an eminent Pan-African intellectual, professor, philosopher and researcher. Director of the Institut Fondamental d’Afrique Noire from 1996 to 2005, he is a specialist of ancient Greece and its philosophy, and has won numerous prizes: Grand Prix de la ville de Toulon (1997), Prix La Bruyere/ Silver Medal of the Academie Francaise (1998) for his book “Plato’s first dialogues”, and Prix Noma for “l’Interpretation des Rêves en Afrique Noire’’(1999).